Responding in times of crisis

Blue Pelican has looked to do its bit through the development of new propositions, as well as pull together people and companies from our respective networks to get the help and support the country needs at this time of crisis

'Free Hire' Offer

Towards the beginning of this crisis, Blue Pelican Pharma led out with a ‘free hire’ offer for hires directly connected to finding a solution to the virus.

The uptake on that offer has been phenomenal, and a number of firms have made key strategic appointments in record time by taking advantage of this.

Provision of Laptops to the NHS

Our Public Sector team supported the NHS in procuring laptops at a significant cost and time saving versus their normal procurement supply chain.

This was done during the initial scale up period, as the NHS increased capacity to meet demand. So the need for IT equipment was both urgent and critical to supporting care efforts.

This was all achieved during the same period every employer across the country was trying to procure a volume of laptops to enable workforces to operate remotely too, so competition was fierce.

We pulled together our industry contacts and secured the volume they needed, fully configured to their needs, and in a timely and cost effective manner.

Tom Midmore