Training Collaboration for Aspirant MSLs

We’re very excited to announce that we’re now collaborating with a training organisation dedicated to helping aspirant MSLs make the move from an academic, clinical or pharmacy career into pharma in a medical science liaison (MSL) / medical affairs role.

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From Science to Pharma ( is a Sydney based consultancy started by highly experienced and well qualified pharma industry medical affairs professionals. They offer online resources covering a broad range of topics around the transition to industry as a medical affairs professional as well as ‘phone based coaching and support.

Training topics include 101s in what MSLs are and their responsibilities, how pharma is structured, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) interactions, the difference between a sales rep (promotional) and MSL (nonpromotional), the day to day life of an MSL, applying for an MSL role, managing your social network profile to attract interest, CV writing, interviewing and package negotiation for when you actually get that offer.

Our feeling at Blue Pelican is that there is a huge degree of interest from academics and pharmacists as well as people from related areas in joining industry in medical affairs roles. It’s a very competitive market for aspirants as they are not only competing with their peers but also with experienced MSLs for jobs. When we speak to aspirant MSLs one of the most frequently asked questions we get is ‘Is there a course I can do to help me get into the role’. The answer is now ‘yes’.

This course will make a genuine difference to your chances of both getting an interview and making the most of the opportunity when you do.
We’re very pleased to be in a position to be able to offer any candidates we refer to the course a good discount to the price. Please get in touch to find out more:

Jane Hardy
+ 44 (0) 1892 507 134

Andrew Wise
+ 44 (0) 1892 507 135

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