Hells Bells It’s our Team Build !

If you tried to reach us on the afternoon of 9th October you’ll have found that we were unavailable as we sought to solve the Hells Bell’s riddles in time to save Sir Richard the Very Brave and Lady Claire de Lune from the gunk tank !

We are already a pretty tight knit team, but twice a year we run an event to get Consultants from our four divisions and the admin team working with people they may not sit next to every day. There is always an element of competition, and we usually have a lot of fun, but can learn something about how each of us works and how we can use that to ensure we deliver to our customers as a team as well as individually.

Hells Bells saw us split into three teams trying to work through puzzles, cryptic clues and tasks to establish what date and time Lady Claire de Lune had been rescued from the Duc du Coq Noir !


It soon became apparent that all the teams would need to work together or we wouldn’t be able to complete the task.

Everyone worked really hard and it was very interesting to see which traits came into play and how they fit into the overall puzzle. Clare Metson and Richard Higgins deserve a special mention as they sat under the gunk tank with fingers firmly crossed that their colleagues had got the right answer !

hells bells 22

As if there was ever any doubt !

Our thanks to Bluehat Group for organising the event for us.

You can see all the pictures on our Facebook page Hells Bells Team Build


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