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Recruitment Services

Working with clients ranging from niche consultancies to multinationals, our aim is to always provide consultative services based on an understanding of our clients’ requirements. Every client is different, and every search is unique, so our Consultants are fully trained in a wide range of recruitment techniques to ensure they uncover the best candidate for the job within the timescales appropriate to your needs.

We offer a variety of service solutions, including contract recruitment, retained search, search and selection, advertised campaigns, managed service solutions as well as traditional contingency models, so you can expect a flexible and tailored approach to your recruitment.

Contract (Interim) Recruitment

Retained Search

Search and Selection (Headhunting)

Advertised Campaigns

Managed Service Solutions

Contingent Recruitment


Contract (Interim) Recruitment

A Contractor is ‘a person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labour to perform a service or do a job’. Clients often use contractors for specific project based tasks, or where the existing team is missing specific niche knowledge. They may also be used where there is no sign off for additional permanent headcount or you need a short term replacement for a team member. They are usually available immediately or on short notice and will bring expertise to the organisation from day one on site.
You will pay them by the hour or the day, or on completion of a project, and you will be required to sign off timesheets confirming the work has been completed.

Many of the contractors we work with have already completed contracts for other clients so come with excellent references.

Pros: – Expert level resource on site in quick timeframe, and for the duration of the project
____ – No addition to permanent headcount
Cons:  – Additional cost compared to permanent resource
_____Lack of continuity as knowledge leaves at the end of the project

Retained Search

A specialist service where one agency is ‘retained’ to identify a (usually) senior level individual. There is a fee payable on instruction, plus further fees on receipt of a shortlist and on successful placement.
There are a range of reasons why clients work with Blue Pelican on this basis. It may be that their vacancy is likely to appeal to a limited number of candidates or the candidates are particularly hard to find. It could be essential to business objectives and need to remain confidential from competition. They may want to ensure that they receive not only the shortlist but also the longlist of candidates who have been considered and approached, so they know the market has been fully mapped. It could just be that they need to ensure that the Consultant prioritises their vacancy above anything else they may be working.

Blue Pelican maintains a 100% fill rate on all retained assignments to date.

Pros: – Highly motivated Consultant will prioritise your position
_____Exclusive candidates hand picked for your vacancy
Cons: – Fees are payable throughout the process but a placement is not guaranteed
_____You risk seeing CVs from other sources and having to pay a second fee

Search and Selection (Headhunting)

Traditionally used for more senior level appointments where specific skills and experience are required for the role. Your consultant will proactively approach relevant candidates who are not available on the open market, selling your opportunity to them.

Pros:  – Much more targeted search results in lower applicant to placement ratio
_____Candidates are often exclusively considering your opportunity
Cons:  – Higher fees
_____Process can take much longer
_____Company reputation can be damaged if not handled professionally

More often than not, the best candidate for your vacancy is not ‘actively’ seeking a new position. However if your vacancy is a genuinely attractive opportunity, and yours is the kind of brand people want to work for, it may be worthwhile advertising the position in relevant on and off-line industry publications.
Blue Pelican has existing relationships with all the major advertisers in our specialist markets so by working with us you can secure preferential advertising rates, as well as insight into where you will get the best response rates. Further we can direct our networks to the advertisement ensuring that the maximum number of people see it.

Advertising direct means you will need to allocate extensive resource to reviewing and responding to the applicants, with no guarantee of successfully securing the right candidate. An advert placed through us means we will screen all applicants, ensuring only those that are really relevant get through to your interview stage. It will also ensure that every applicant receives a response explaining why they are not being taken forward, protecting your brand externally.

We have examples of adverts placed previously for clients and can discuss the results with you.

 – Opportunity reaches a broader range of potential applicants (for this and future vacancies)
_____Strong branding message to the market regarding expansion
Cons: – No guarantee that the right applicant will be found

Managed Service Solutions

Whilst recruitment is just a part of your day to day activities, it is what we do at Blue Pelican all day every day ! Securing the best talent for your business is what we do, and we can manage the entire process from beginning to end on your behalf.

Working in partnership with you, we can:

  • Write job specifications
  • Take the positions to market (either exclusively or with other approved agencies)
  • Complete the first interview and carry out any tests you might require
  • Arrange (and attend if required) interviews on site
  • Manage the feedback process
  • Manage the offer process
  • Onboard the successful applicants

Taking this route can offer you significant cost savings and ensure a streamlined approach to your recruitment with full Management Information provided at all times.

Pros: – Efficient and streamlined recruitment process
_____Your energy and efforts freed up to be directed to other business critical issues
Cons: – Selecting the wrong recruitment partner could mean your vacancies are not filled

Contingent Recruitment

Put simply this is ‘no win no fee’ recruitment. An invoice for recruitment services will only become due once a suitable candidate has accepted your offer and started in the position.

Pros:  – Fees can be lower
_ __ _Success based so you only incur costs if the position is filled
Cons: – Recruiters may not prioritise your vacancies as they are likely to be competing with other agencies for reduced fees
_____Recruiters will rely on existing database and/or advertisements so you may get the best candidates ‘on’ the market rather than ‘in’