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We Got in the Zone !

This year’s team build event was held in the beautiful grounds of The Spa Hotel and hosted by Zing Events.

We split into 3 teams, 1 per Director, and set about deciding on which tasks we could complete to ensure victory was secured !

CC team silly selfie GS team selfie


As ever the banter started before we’d even left. We kicked off with selfies, and a couple of ice breakers and then each team set about deciding who should undertake a task from the four zones – creative, physical, mental and skill.

Some shady tactics were employed by a few who shall remain nameless! A couple of group activities brought the teams back together to build the tallest tower using only newspaper and sellotape, and putting together an original dance ! It’s always interesting to see what hidden skills your colleagues have been keeping quiet…

GS team tower Jane Tom T-shirt KM T-shirt KM mummy Alex dancing

The last few minutes were manic as teams scrambled to win a last few valuable points, and the final round up, of course, left one team triumphant, and the others demanding a recount !

We followed up with a fantastic BBQ and a few well deserved spritzers. Thanks to all the Pelicans who threw themselves into the event as always.

Epic dance skills can be seen here Dancing Recruiters