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Careers Enrichment Day

Directors Conrad Chant and Gemma Skillett were invited to support a Careers Enrichment Day at Skinners’ Kent Academy for their year 7s.

The school had set aside a whole day with the aim being to excite students about career possibilities in the future, and inspire them to use their learning to manage and create pathways ahead.

SKA presWe were asked to present on the changing world of jobs, and how to structure a good job advertisement. Having given them the basic structure they arranged themselves into groups to design an advert for a future career, and we spent time working with them on their ideas and getting them thinking about use of language and imagery to attract the best candidates.

We were so impressed with the students who threw themselves into the project. They had a wide range of ideas for future jobs, with hoverboards and robots featuring heavily ! They worked really hard to design engaging, eye-catching ads and demonstrated great imagination and teamwork skills.

There was a small prize for the best advert in each class which the school presented at the following morning’s assembly.

One class put us on the spot and asked us to judge there and then. It was an incredibly difficult decision but we settled on this advertisement for an Animation Creator. They had incorporated all the relevant information and made it really stand out with their own cartoon representations.

SKA adSKA winners

The team who created it were extremely pleased to have won !
We loved being a part of their day. It was inspiring to meet so many talented children who represent our next generation of customers or Blue Pelican employees !

The school commented that the year 7s left the Academy talking about jobs and careers as well as skills and qualities, which they were really pleased about.

We will be working with the Academy again with various year groups to assist them with CV writing, interview preparation and career planning.