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Supporting a consultancy’s growth

Company profile

Model Citizens is a small, specialist analytical consultancy founded by analysts experienced in helping companies gain value from their data. It provides advice, support and services to a wide range of clients in several sectors.

The Need

Model Citizens was founded in 2007 with a small number of permanent analytics specialists. The company grew steadily, using the personal networks of the Founders and Directors to identify staff to join the organisation. In January 2010, Model Citizens was bidding for a large contract with a major household brand and needed both to demonstrate sufficient resource capability and, should they win the contract, add additional contract staff quickly.

Why Blue Pelican?

When Kate McDermott joined Blue Pelican in 2006 her first placement was with an analytical consultancy called Clarity Blue whose Head of Operational Analytics, Richard Lewis, became one of her best customers. Clarity Blue was acquired by Experian, and in 2008 Lewis moved to join Model Citizens. McDermott kept in regular contact with Lewis and, when Model Citizens needed to demonstrate additional resources for the tender with the major household brand, Lewis called McDermott to ask for her help.

Recruitment activity

Analytics is a key specialist area for Blue Pelican and McDermott knew of a number of analytics specialists who would be immediately available to support the Model Citizens tender. With the support of the Blue Pelican candidates, the contract was won and Blue Pelican supplied several analytics specialists to help deliver the project. Since that initial need, Blue Pelican has provided candidates to Model Citizens to support their projects and their business development activities. McDermott now flags up available candidates on an ongoing basis to Lewis and Blue Pelican has become a favoured resource partner for Model Citizens.


Blue Pelican has sourced four analytical specialists to Model Citizens over the last 18 months. In addition, Blue Pelican and Model Citizens now share knowledge and information about the Analytics market. Indeed Model Citizens has recommended Blue Pelican to a number of its client contacts and, as a result, Blue Pelican has recruited a significant number of permanent staff for a number of major retailers in the UK.


“Kate and the team at Blue Pelican have, for a long time now, been an essential first point of contact for specialist analytical resource. Kate really takes the time to understand the range of complex needs each new requirement brings and saves us time and effort by sending through only suitable candidates. A real pleasure to deal with!”

Richard Lewis, Director, Model Citizens