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Helping Logica build a Dynamics Practice

Company profile

Logica has 40,000 employees providing business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to clients around the world.

The Need

Following investment and acquisition in the early 2000s, Microsoft’s Dynamics ERP product grew rapidly from 2005 onwards. As one of the world’s leading business consulting companies, Logica required individuals with experience of large Microsoft Dynamics applications in order to build and expand the provision of expert Dynamics consulting services to its client base.

Why Blue Pelican?

Andrew Brooks, Principal Recruitment Consultant for Blue Pelican, has specialised in recruiting candidates with Microsoft Dynamics experience since 2005. Brooks became aware that Logica was expanding its Dynamics service and, through an industry contact, gained an introduction in 2008 to the Logica UK Dynamics Practice Manager. Brooks was able to demonstrate to the Practice Manager that his knowledge of the sector would help to source well qualified candidates for Logica and was subsequently recommended to Logica’s resourcing team that Blue Pelican be included on the preferred supplier list for Dynamics roles.

Blue Pelican Recruitment activity

Logica’s internal resourcing team were initially successful in identifying candidates without the assistance of external recruitment agencies. Then, in 2009, the growth of Dynamics meant that Logica needed significantly more experienced candidates who were becoming ever more rare and in demand by other employers. Logica’s PSL were asked to assist and Blue Pelican received the requirements alongside the other PSL members. Brooks used his existing Dynamics contacts along with his knowledge of the sector to identify companies that would have employees with the right level of experience to be potential recruits for Logica. He then undertook a targeted head-hunting campaign, personally calling and meeting key individuals and assessing them against Logica’s needs. This initial campaign resulted in the successful hire of 3 Senior Dynamics AX consultants, and Brooks had proved that his knowledge was of key value to Logica. Since these initial hires, Blue Pelican has continued to source expert candidates for Logica, filling all 12 vacancies received to date.


Blue Pelican has become Logica’s number one recruitment supplier for Microsoft Dynamics and all of the twelve candidates hired are proving successful hires, with the majority becoming key members of the Dynamics team.


“Blue Pelican has been instrumental in the success of building our Dynamics practice. We recruit on a direct hire model where possible however Andrew understands our business, our market and the challenges we face. This knowledge coupled with his personal and committed approach to work with us within our internal agenda has made him a valued recruitment partner in the Dynamics Space.

Lee Stewardson, Global Recruitment Account Manager, Logica