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Marketing transition at British Gas

Company profile

British Gas Business is dedicated to supporting the energy needs of more than a million business customers in the UK, from SMEs to large multi-sited industrial and commercial organisations. Business Gas Business is operated as a separate organisation from British Gas residential.

The Need

Following a strategic review of British Gas Business in 2010, three separate units had been created to target different business customer segments; small, medium and large/multi-sited. Rob Schweidler, an experienced Interim Marketing Director had the task of creating a customer-centric Marketing function to reflect the new structure and focus of the organisation. Schweidler scoped the hire of a full time Marketing Director and three Interim Marketing Managers for each customer segment, in addition to the hire of an Online Acquisition Manager and a Head of Online Marketing.

Blue Pelican Recruitment activity

Blue Pelican had been a preferred supplier to British Gas since 2006 and received notification of the vacancies at the same time as the other suppliers on the PSL. Colin Doree, Blue Pelican’s Principal Marketing recruitment consultant, took responsibility for the recruitment and, thanks to an open telephone communication with Schweidler, was able to build a good profile of both the technical and personality requirements of each role. Doree created a target list of companies and, through proactive search and head-hunting techniques, was able to identify and shortlist candidates for all of the roles. After a very intensive interview and selection process, British Gas appointed candidates for all of the roles with Blue Pelican sourcing two of the three Marketing managers and both the Online acquisition and the Head of Online Marketing appointees. The latter was initially rejected by the British Gas recruitment team but Doree realised he was the exact type of person that Schweidler wanted in the role and successfully fought hard to get the candidate re-considered.


Blue Pelican sourced four successful candidates for the six positions open at British Gas Business, as well as identifying many other shortlisted candidates. Since starting at British Gas, the candidates have made a significant impact on the organisation and have made great progress in developing a new customer centric marketing strategy.


I hadn’t heard of Blue Pelican before my assignment at British Gas but, having seen at first hand the results that they achieved, I can now see why they are one of our most valued recruitment suppliers. I built a good working relationship with Colin, despite never meeting face to face, and he quickly gained my confidence and respect. He understood and interpreted our needs very well, and was able to source candidates that met our brief. He provided a very valuable insight into the state of the recruitment market and throughout was an honest, direct and candid communicator which met my needs perfectly. He was not afraid to push-back on our decisions and successfully made us reconsider one candidate who has turned out to be the perfect match for where we want to go as a business. I would definitely use Blue Pelican again and actually look forward to meeting Colin face to face next time around!”

Rob Schweidler, Interim Marketing Director, British Gas Business